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Smart Mobility Summit 2019 28-29 October, Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv

List of Exhibitors 2018
Company Name Description Sector
ADAM CogTec Based on 15+ years of brain research, ADAM delivers a breakthrough software solution to measure & optimally manage the driver’s awareness for seamless transition with the modern vehicles, better safety & user experience Autonomous & Connected 
AdaSky  AdaSky has developed the smallest, most advanced Far Infrared sensing solution to enable fully autonomous driving, day or night and in any weather condition   Autonomous & Connected 
Addionics Using patent pending 3D Electroprinting methods and world expertise, we can tailor batteries to power, capacity and energy needs coupled with enhanced safety to match the EV industry transformation Electrification & Energy
Arbe Robotics Arbe Robotics develops a patented Imaging Radar, an enabler of autonomous driving, delivering high-resolution 4D picture for real-time obstacle detection that works in all weather and lighting conditions Autonomous & Connected 
Ariel University AAUV
Ariel Autonomous Urban Vehicle
Offering autonomous mobility for the golden age

Ariel University
Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics 
Autonomous & Connected 
Arilou Automotive Cyber Security Arilou is the Automotive Cyber Security Pioneer. We provide In-Vehicle Network Cyber protection for CANbus & Ethernet. Our products include Software & Hardware Intrusion Detection and Prevention solutions Autonomous & Connected 
Autofleet Autofleet enables the transformation of Fleet Managers to Vehicle as a Service providers, maximizing fleet utilization and revenues while opening up a new “per-mile” business model. Shared Mobility
autopia (Cellwize) The world of connected cars demands fast and reliable network connection. autopia maximizes the connectivity performance of the car and bridges the connectivity gaps for truly connected mobility Autonomous & Connected 
Autotalks Autotalks, with its 2nd generation, automotive qualified chipsets, is the only company to offer a global V2X communication solution, supporting both DSRC and C-V2X, for autonomous and manned vehicles. Autonomous & Connected 
Axilion Smart Mobility Axilion transforms standard traffic signals to become intelligent car connected IoT devices. AI and Deep Learning software and SaaS services reduce transit operator's travel time by 40% and increase ridership by 400% Urban Mobility
Blitz Motors BLITZ is an end to end supplier of high-speed, 100% electric smart scooters providing last   mile solution services to Municipalities, B2B and B2C customers Electrification & Energy
Caaresys Caaresys developed a passenger monitoring system for the future cockpit. By monitoring the location, health conditions and state of each vehicle occupant, we can minimize the effect of human factor and save thousands of lives Autonomous & Connected 
CoDriver - JUNGO CoDriver is an innovative camera-based driver monitoring software solution for the ADAS market, enabling L2-3 driver monitoring and L4-5 fully autonomous vehicles by providing full cabin monitoring Autonomous & Connected 
Cognata Full lifecycle autonomous simulation platform, where virtual cars travel virtual worlds in true-to-life conditions. Reducing the time and cost required to validate an AV to a human driving level. Autonomous & Connected 
Cybellum Automatic cybersecurity risk assessment for automotive components. Provides the power to monitor & manage the risk throughout the whole components’ lifecycle Autonomous & Connected 
Cylus Cybersecurity Ltd. Cylus helps rail companies prevent service disruption and safety incidents, automatically detecting cyber attacks in the operational network before they cause damage Urban Mobility
Electiq~Global (Terragenic) TWICE THE RANGE, HALF THE PRICE, ZERO EMISSIONS Electrification & Energy
Enigmatos Enigmatos brings cybersecurity into your vehicle. Our DCIP (Deep Car Identity Profiling)™ technology, provides early and accurate detection & prevention of any malicious cyber activity in your vehicle Autonomous & Connected 
EVR Motors EVR Motors, developed the world’s lightest, highest power density and cost-effective electric motors for the Automotive industry, including disruptive high current motors of above 100kW peak at 48v Electrification & Energy
eyeSight Technologies eyeSight offers market-leading Computer Vision & AI solutions for in-cabin sensing. The company delivers advanced driver monitoring, cabin occupancy detection, and touch-free gesture control solutions Autonomous & Connected 
Eyeway EyeWay new and groundbreaking Innovative solutions for prevention traffic accidents, monitoring and routing traffic, enforcement traffic violations and use as an auxiliary system for autonomous vehicles Urban Mobility
Fleetonomy New generation of data driven fleet management solutions to plan, optimize and operate smart mobility services Autonomous & Connected 
Foresight Automotive QuadSight – a quad camera multi-spectral automotive vision solution for all weather and lighting conditions Autonomous & Connected 
Foretellix Ltd Foretellix enables safe autonomous vehicles with GigaScale Intelligent Verification. GigaScale is achieved by combining proven automation, intelligence and reuse, enabling verification of millions to billions of scenarios. Autonomous & Connected 
GoTo  GoTo is the only Mobility as a Service (MaaS) technology platform to offer mobility operators one platform to operate all car-sharing services Shared Mobility
Guardian Optical Technologies Guardian Optical Technologies has developed breakthrough, patent-pending sensor technology for occupancy detection in vehicles, encompassing 2D, 3D and motion analysis in a single sensor Autonomous & Connected 
GuardKnox Bringing Fighter Jet Cybersecurity Solutions to the Automotive Industry Autonomous & Connected 
Hailo Break the barriers. Hailo’s novel processor technology design empowers sensors and ECUs in autonomous vehicles with real-time data center performance, in unprecedentedly low power and area budgets. Autonomous & Connected 
HopOn Semless Mobility Seamless Mobile Ticketing and big data platform for mobility players Urban Mobility
Innoviz Technologies  Innoviz is a leading provider of LiDAR solutions designed to enable the mass commercialization of autonomous vehicles. Innoviz’s LiDAR products deliver superior performance at the cost and size required for mass market adoption Autonomous & Connected 
Inpris InprisWay, the first distraction-free interface for infotainment systems, enables drivers to experience seamless eyes-free touch and voice control Autonomous & Connected 
IonTerra Ltd. IonTerra is the Leader in Real-Time Raw Data and Sensor Fusion enabling Autonomous Driving Autonomous & Connected 
LiveU Connectivity Solution for Teleoperations of Autonomous Vehicles. Provides multiple video feeds at high resolution, low latency and maximum reliability via cellular bonding with dynamic HEVC encoding Autonomous & Connected 
Loginno Loginno is creating Contopia™ (Container Utopia), the world’s Shipping Container IoT infrastructure, unlocking new possibilities and disrupting the global logistics chain. Maritime
Make My Day Smart route planning Algorithm for connected cars and Electric Vehicles Autonomous & Connected 
Moodify Ltd Moodify -The "Empathic" car system optimizing the car user experience for safety (drowsiness), wellbeing (remedy of: motion sickness, stress, bad smell)  and comfort (self-adjusting seat and cockpit). Autonomous & Connected 
Neteera Technologies  Reimaging sensor technology using a high-frequency micro-Radar-on-Chip Autonomous & Connected 
NoTraffic NoTraffic is developing a solution that enables cities to manage and control traffic based on a network of AI sensors, V2I communication & real-time optimization of signalized intersections Urban Mobility
OptiWays OptiWays presents an innovative transport optimization solution with a flexible rule engine and cost-driven algorithm that meets the need of enterprises with complex operational workflows Shared Mobility
Regulus Cyber Regulus Cyber is defending sensors from malicious hacking or interference. The Pyramid tech protects autonomous cars, trucks, ships and any sensor dependent platform.  Autonomous & Connected 
Ride Vision Advanced Rider Assistant System (ARAS) for Every Motorbike with CAT™️ - Collision Aversion Technology to prevent motorcycle accidents Autonomous & Connected 
RunEL NGMT Ltd The fastest chip for 5G cellular base stations, enables Smart Transportation low latency services and applications such as: V2X; Collision Alerts, Drones Communication and more. Autonomous & Connected 
Trucknet A cloud based transport optimization platform for smart freight exchange.  Shared Mobility
Uveye We make the logistics and transportation industries efficient, profitable and environmental friendly.  Autonomous & Connected 
Valens - HDBaseT Automotive  Valens: Connectivity that Drives the Future. Valens is a fabless semiconductor company enabling multi-gigabit in-vehicle connectivity with its HDBaseT Automotive technology.   Autonomous & Connected 
VAYAVISION Vehicle Perception Engine based on raw data fusion with upsampling and AI to allow for safer, more reliable autonomous driving Autonomous & Connected 
Vayyar 3D Imaging sensor with multi antenna Radar-on-a-Chip, for in-car monitoring, 360 coverage, parking assistance & ADAS  Autonomous & Connected 
Waycare AI-driven mobility solutions for smart cities Urban Mobility