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3D signals

Acoustic sensors for either manufacturing process. Or for online detaction of potentail mailfunctioning




A.L. FILTER provides tailor made, high quality automotive filters.




AccuBeat Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Frequency and Timing solutions for aerospace, defense, telecommunications and research applications. The patented Rubidium Atomic Clock or OCXO technology with optional GPS disciplining provide frequency accuracy in the range of 10-12, frequency stability in the range of 10-13 and time accuracy in the range of nanoseconds.




AdaSky brings far infrared technology to the automotive market, aiming to empower the vehicles of tomorrow to see further and better – whenever. AdaSky multidisciplinary team of experienced engineers has developed Viper, a breakthrough, complete-sensing solution to enable 24/7 driving, combining a far infrared thermal camera with advanced machine vision algorithms that lets autonomous vehicles see and understand the road in any lighting or weather condition



adionim A.C.T

Adionim A.C.T. Ltd has developed a new process based on ion technology that enables embedding exotic and precious metals in quartz and in crushed glass. This technology is used in a wide variety of metallic and non-metallic (ceramics, metal oxides) coatings to various substrates, using Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD).




AerialGuard develops a combination of on-board sensors and processors for high level autonomy, integrated into a ground station for operator control and on the cloud for collective intelligence. AerialGuard creates a new navigation architecture that allows for context based mission planning



AERO magnesium

Aero-Magnesium is developing magnesium technologies for the aerospace and defense industries.



aero sentinel

Aero Sentinel’s UAV systems are designed to meet a variety of security needs by emphasizing the key features that define a successful UAV system including interoperability, survivability, persistence low life-cycle cost and ease of use



aero sol aeronautical solutions

Aero Sol is a designer and manufacturer of components manufactured from military grade composite materials, suitable for the UAV and radome industries




Aeronautics offers powerful UAV platforms, utilizing combined air/land/maritime systems, for detection and monitoring in applications such as: environmental safety (radiation detection, air pollution monitoring, forest fires prevention), and advanced wildlife protection and conservation



AFC technologies Ltd

AFC Technologies patented technology aims to reduce fuel consumption by 7-10% for heavy vehicles by improving aerodynamic efficiency,



afikim electric vehicles

Afikim Electric Vehicles developed AfiScooters’ range of innovative mobility scooters cater for every need – from the state-of-the-art heavy duty outdoor mobility scooters to superlight indoor scooters which can be easily disassembled and stored in the trunk of a car.



agam energy systems Ltd

Agam Energy develops a car engine which consumes a fifth of the fuel and emits a tenth of the pollution.



Aigent tech

AiGENT-TECH develops next generation intelligent transportation services (ITS) planning and operation platforms, supporting smart cities transportation revolution. Optimizing and managing multi-modal public transport, private ridesharing/pooling, electrification and automation, AiGENT-TECH improves urban areas standard of living:ÿ




Airobotics provides an end-to-end, fully automatic solution for collecting aerial data and gaining invaluable insights. The industrial grade platform is available on-site and on-demand, providing industrial facilities with premium aerial data collection, processing and analysis in a faster, safer, more efficient way




At Airscort are developing applications for commercial drone technology. Our main focus is developing advanced systems which will prolong user experience.



al cielo intertial solutions

Al Cielo offer laser technologies and navigation and control inertial sensors. such as Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOGs) and Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), and accelerometers,




Alango is a leading provider of voice processing technologies. Alango technologies are distinguished by high voice quality as well as their robustness to different types of noises and possible non-linear distortions in a voice communication system.



alex original

Alex Original Ltd is one of the leading automotive air-conditioning and transport refrigeration manufactures. The company manufactures: A/C rooftop units for mini,midi buses and coaches, transport refrigeration systems, A/C commercial systems, A/C heavy duty systems and also electric doors and steps.



algae art technologies ltd

AlgaeArt developed a cleantech technology to feed Spirulina ponds with the RO concentrate. It integrates management of salty waters, disposal of concentrate and microalgae agriculture



algolion ltd (formerly analyzer)

ALGOLiON developed early warning predictive intelligence algorithms for solving the critical problem of lithium ion battery fires for electric vehicles and other applications via identification of markers that are two orders of magnitude more sensitive than competing systems to internally developing safety hazards in cells




standard and custom-made battery packs in a wide range of technical formats such as Li-Ion / Polymer, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, etc, as well as various charging systems




Wireless HD link for professional UAV drone applications, which brings 1080p60 uncompressed HD video with zero delay to the rapidly evolving UAV aerial video arena.




We collect and analyze in real-time raw signals from multiple smartphone sensors in order to determine and predict the user mobility status (driving, walking, parking, shopping, @home, @work, etc..)



aquarius engines

Completed production of breakthrough high density engine-generator.



arbe robotics

Arbe Robotics is a ultra-low C-SWAP (Cost, Size, Weight, And Power) Radar based on unique mathematical approach. Our product consist of Sensing module, processing unit and a unique patented processing code.



argus cyber security

Argus develops cyber security solutions for the automotive industry.



arkal automotive

Arkal Automotive, experts in plastics and to provide development, manufacturing and production solutions for the global automotive industry. Arkal is a full-service provider from initial product concept to development and production (Tier 1 and Tier 2) level 2 and level 3 integrated supplier.




develops an innovative breakthrough 3D- 360 Micro Radar ? sensor to protect Compounds, Improve Traffic lights in Smart City and enables Autonomous cars.



asana technology

Asana is an automotive infrastructure software pure player providing an operating system for the smart-car: SmartCarOS?.ÿ



ashot ashkelon industries

Ashot specializes in manufacturing a broad range of long and short shafts for leading OEM jet engine producers. The shafts are constructed from various materials, from steel to titanium and nickel-based super-alloys. Ashot is a subsidiary of the Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI).



asine group

developed solide state memory chips



automotive robotics (amstaf)

Specializes in developing autonomous unmanned ground vehicles




The main inovation is based on a smart and patentable mechanical design, which significantly magnifies the piezoelectric ability to produce electrical energy, as compared to current solutions.



Autotalks enables the vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication revolution by providing OEMs, Tier1 and Tier2s comprehensive, automotive and commercial grade, standard-compliant V2X VLSI solutions at the highest performance and reliability.



axilion LTD (green wave)

Axilion develops software solutions for the traffic engineering field. TransEm software seeks to shortening bus trip time by up to 50%, reduce smaller buses/trams fleets while maintaining service frequency due to shorter round trips.



B.A.T (beit alfa technologies)

developed the most advanced and effective Riot Control Vehicles. All models employ our œJet Pulse Water Cannon Systems  which is quick, accurate, effective, cost-beneficial and user friendly.




Manufacturing and selling electric powered bamboo bicycles



battery predictor

A “smart battery” system that has the prediction ability will be leveraged by battery vendors to add value to their “standard product”


battery switchy

Battery Switchy has developed a sophisticated batteries and battery swapping machines for e-scooters and in the future for other light e-vehicles such as mobility e-scooters and e-bicycles.




Digital electric dashboard, provides a wide variety of accurate information about the battery and vehicle performance




BAZZ? is a safe connectivity platform which provides fleet enterprise an online safe communication with its employees. The platform enables companies to stay on-line with their employees while they are driving, by enabling the driver to hear and send any text and voice message in a fluent process and 100% hands-free.




Be.Electric Ltd specializes in developing and implementing technologies for electric scooters.




Roadside community assistance


beyond verbal

Beyond Verbal decodes human vocal intonations into their underlying emotions, In real time – enabling voice powered devices and apps to understand our emotions




Bikeable is an Android application for biking in Tel Aviv. Cyclists can use the app to identify the optimal route to their destination. The App provides the nearest Tel-O-Fun bicycle stations to the user’s origin and destination, and to display the amount of bicycles at each station.




Touch screen that installed in the motorcycle or on the bicycle handle bar. This screen showes you all the neccecery information you need like navigation, massages and incoming call. A uniqe feature embedded indicate about proximity of srounding usign sensors


bio guard components and technologies

BioGuard is a leading developer of innovative, proprietary biometric solutions for a wide variety of applications. Operating as stand-alone systems or as part of a network, the Bio ID Management? platform is a strong multi-factor identification server, integrating palm vein authentication, facial recognition, fingerprint identification, and voice recognition in a single product.



biotech elements

Our technology can recycle carbon dioxide and convert it into natural gas (methane gas) by microorganisms. It allows us to use regenerated natural gas from captured CO2 in transportation instead of emitting it into the atmosphere




Enabling the last mile industry to grasp the potential of smart transportation; BLITZ has created an easier, cleaner and more cost-efficient 100% electric two-wheel vehicle.ÿBLITZ supports your smart transport needs with a full-service solution, including a 24/7 customer service centre on hand to support in the operations, insurance, branding & maintenance of your fleet.ÿ



bluebird UAV

specializes in manufacturing of tactical UAS and peripheral equipment, delivering unprecedented combat proven solutions to meet the global challenges for the military, HLS and civilian UAS markets.



BNC systems

BNC has been developing advanced automotive infotainment hardware gateway-platforms. BNC’s platforms utilize original OEM Infotainment Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) ? displays, touch signals, buttons, dials ? along with reading auto-communications, to enhance Infotainment systems and resolve usability gaps.



brightway vision

BrightWay is developing an advanced night-time system for forward-facing driver assistance functions, based on an active gated-imaging technology named BrightEye. BrightEye offers all the benefits of a rich, natural and intuitive imagery, even during harsh weather, with real-time sophisticated computer-vision features.




Bringg is a SaaS and mobile based platform that enables your business to manage deliveries in a smart, frictionless way so your customers never again wait unknowingly for their delivery.




Bringoz is a platform that connects between shippers and couriers. It serves as an automated mega dispatcher which algorithmically optimizes delivery routing and pricing in real-time. Bringoz facilitates last mile and same day deliveries from scattered location in real time, and utilize current infrastructure to create efficiency.



BSI (battery solution international)

BSI has developed an end-to-end, innovative and unique solution, designed to significantly reduce the costs of battery maintenance for large traction forklift fleets and telecom operators. The entire process is supported by a green, environmental approach.




buzzr is bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds, turning logistics from an obstacle to an accelerator of e-commerce growth.


BuzzJourney has developed a mobile app that delivers an innovative ridesharing experience and provides an easy, complete solution for both real time and planned rides


Caaresys developed a passenger monitoring system for the future cockpit. By monitoring the location, health conditions and state of each vehicle occupant, we can minimize the effect of human factor and save thousands of lives



car battery prediction

creating information about future predicted date for car battery “end of life” .



CAR2GO is a car share operator


דף ראשי פרטי

cardboard technologies

The cardboard bike, made of recycled cardboard along with melted recycled plastic and car tires. Despite being primarily made of cardboard, the bicycle is durable, fire and water resistant, and can support up to 300 pounds.




Our company provides an all-in-one solution for freight shippers and carriers. Our solutions includes fast, automated load matching based on location and equipment; route planning and shipment tracking; algorithm-based instant pricing; and seamless proof-of-delivery, billing and payment.

carlink connect

Carlink is a platform that bridges gaps between service providers and users’ needs by connecting them via a smart personal assistant. Carlink’s goal is to create a virtual community and be a source of information for connecting people, vehicles and everything in between.




Developing a set of ground breaking technologies and products in the cellulosic biofuels, industrial biology and industrial microbiology. The company has successfully demonstrated proof-of-concept for its novel technologies for degradation of cellulose into fermentable sugars and for development of improvement of industrial microorganisms.



Cellepathy solves connected-car problems related to driver attention by leveraging artificial intelligence and smartphone sensor data. It is currently focused on two ambitious goals: protecting large employers against costly distracted driving crashes, and redefining the UX of turn-by-turn navigation.




Provides a complete location and mobility solutions for smart cities and mobile carriers by using big data analytics over cellular data. Cellint?s solutions track all active phones in the network, passively and anonymously, to the exact street they are traveling on, pinpointing their exact location on that route in short intervals.



cellocator division- pointer telocation LTD

Real-time Locating Systems provide vehicle information for multipale uses. RTLS systems analytics allows to build more flexible and accurate relationship between customer and supplier



celloPark technologoies

Mobile-based system which provides parking solutions

chainfree bicycles

Developing an innovative propulsion system for bicycles which is based on the rotation of the crankshaft (Crank), connected to a hydraulic pump and builds the necessary pressure for hydraulic motor to operate.The hydraulic motor turns the rear wheel providing the motive force.




Chakratec is a manufacturer of a patented kinetic storage that matches the needs of EV Charging Stations (EVCS)



city transformer

a folding car-platform that has the ability to shrink its track-width as it parks will allow the driver to park the vehicle in a small space that was until now reserved for motor cyclists.




Smart Traffic Management System Traffix is system that manages and schedules vehicles relative the traffic lights In harmony, and much more than that



citygraph access

We have developed the only available Cloud based interactive transportation accessibility data generator! It calculates and displays accessibility from single block to the whole metropolis and vice versa – all within seconds




Convert plastic into oil prducts




Colugo develop and design a unique unmanned vehicles




Comroads is a geolocation based video site. We make use of all the valuable information available from dash cam videos in order to help us understand what’s really happening on the roads in order to make them safer for all of us.




Cogniteam is a technology start-up, in the area of autonomy control for robotics and interactive simulations



covalent ltd

Covalent offers new approaches and matrials in the perspective of desiginging battery packs.




A personal electric vehicle.



crowd safety

Crowd-sourcing solution to provide a reliable safety and comfort index. an effective means for parents and employers to monitor the safety of their carrier and at the same time raise awareness of bus passengers to their right to travel safely.


ct park

Algorithms, models and formulas from mechanical and transportation engineering we detect available parking space in urban area and closed parking lots. using electronic signboard and mobile application (optional), we can guide the driver to available parking space


dan tech energy

Dan-Tech Energy specializes in the development of portable, rechargeable battery power systems, which are designed and manufactured for superior run times, reliability, durability, safety and ease of use.



decell technology

provider of premium road traffic information and services, such as real-time, historical and predictive travel speeds, vehicle volumes, speed profiles, and origin-destination matrixes. Decell analyze and integrate different types of raw location data from anonymous cellular data, GPS data, and 3rd party sources.




Delivero connect the right delivery person to the relevant business using a Gett-like app and web interface. Our service offers an attractive pricing model, improves availability and transparency and enables package tracking, reviews and delivery confirmation.


designer energy

Designer Energy is dedicated to enabling the green energy revolution. The portfolio of technologies unlocks the valuable sugars in renewable cellulosicbiomass that can be used to produce biofuels and biochemicals that can help reduce the world’s reliance on petroleum.


ditron precision

Ditron Precision is a leading manufacturer of precision machined components.



driveWay software

Driveway is a smartphone-deployed, cloud-based technology that provides auto insurers with comprehensive insured driving data for better pricing intelligence.




develops UAV and other security equipment




Dronomy develops a revolutionary technology that will enable consumer and commercial drones to complete their missions autonomously. Our goal is to create a fully automated, self-recharging drone to be used for critical tasks such as security inspection, object detection, border patrols and crop inspection.



dynamic curbs

System that improve traffic flow in cities, by smart, virtual variation of curb colors which define the role of street lanes. Statistics of traffic volumes define critical lanes as either driving paths, public transportation track or parking slots. The system account for other municipal considerations such as public needs, holidays, events and regulation. In practice, the curb color (lane role) and due changes will be presented to the end user via smartphone app


E-drive technology

E-Drive offers automotive telematics solutions, including FleetLog, an on board computerized fleet management system that integrates fleet control functions, such as vehicle security, event analysis and control, vehicle event location, black box accident analysis, etc.




Supplier of electric scooters and motorcycles




E.M.SH Ng-Tech has developed a line of conversion kit products, and by installing them into existing and/or new vehicles, the vehicle work as Flex fuel (FFV’s) vehicles, and can work on variety choices of liquid and gaseous fuels: 1. Methanol – up to M85; 2. Ethanol ? up to E85; 3. Methanol or Ethanol & CNG, Propane, H2



early sense

Embedded in the driver’s chair – sys to masure vialt signs



eco drive

Converting cars to LPG




manufactures a line of unique brushless motors and generators converting bike to e-bike



Adom company sells batteries of all kinds of technologies. The company provides consulting and solutions for special battery packs. Among the products we provide primary batteries, rechargeable batteries, Battery packs and complementary accessories




EfoBus is a mobile application that lists of all the buses that arrives to near by stations. It allows the users to plan their route and decide which bus to take




Developed dynamic wireless electrification system for urban transportation.



energtek inc. (formerly angstore)

Energtek Products Ltd is a subsidiary of the US based Energteck Inc. The company develops and commercializes Adsorbed Natural Gas (ANG) technologies applying innovative low-pressure mobile transportation solutions for industrial consumers and fleets of small vehicles




Engie is a free smartphone application that tracks your car’s condition and diagnoses malfunctions. The app provides a real-time solution by offering bids from mechanics nearby, sorted by price and quality. Engie connects to the vehicle via a Bluetooth device (OBD-II) that plugs under the dashboard.




Engineuity Ltd. is developing an innovative process to produce standard Diesel fuel, that complies with EN590, from Natural Gas (CH4) and CO2. This is a considerably less expensive alternative to the Standard method of producing diesel from Crude Oil. The method can also be used as a substitute for liquification of methane by a cryogenic process.




EnStorage developed cost effective Hydroen bromine flow batteries. EnStorage is developing modular grid scale energy storage systems to meet the needs of utilities, independent power providers, operators and distribution companies as well as large industrial energy users



enVerid systems

enVerid Systems develops energy saving technology for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. the solution remove CO2, VOCs and all other trace contaminants from circulating air in commercial and public buildings, reducing the need for outside air, thereby lowering energy consumption and cutting electricity costs.




Epsilor (AROTECH Battery and Power Systems Division) focuses on the development and production of high-end primary and rechargeable military batteries and associated military chargers, including transportation (Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium-Ion and Lithiu




Designed as pure software, EtherWaves IP enables the use of the powerful Software Defined Radio approach, provide multimode Digital Radio reception capability in cars. The technology empowers digital radio receivers implemented on general-purpose DSP and SoC cores for infotainment systems



etv energy

ETV Energy is engaged in developing the next generation Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB) using novel battery chemistry based on a high voltage cathode to deliver specific energy of 220-250Wh/kg. The company has already gained a foothold in the high end market with a derivative of this technology that delivers 400Wh/kg.



ev chip

EV Chip is developing innovative solutions for power consumption.



eve technologies

Eve was founded with the vision to use autonomous technology to reduce deaths and injuries in automobiles. Its first product, Athena, is a sophisticated patented simple-to-use in-cabin sensing, notification and reactionary product. Its designed to eliminate deaths resulting from (unsafe cabin conditions for driver’s and) children left in hot cars, through detection that is independent of line-of-sight and weight-sensing. The product is compatible with cars on the road now and Eve is pursuing both B2C and OEM markets




EveryCar’s marketplace will allow car sharing peer to peer in a convenient process



Long distance drones and unmaned flights.




Evofuel is engaged in the development and commercialization of high yielding castor bean seeds as a cost competitive, sustainable, second-generation feedstock for the growing biofuel market. The company has built its castor genetic assets based on a broad collection of over 300 castor lines from over 40 different geographic and climatic regions



evr motors

EVR Motors, developed the world?s lightest, highest power density and cost-effective electric motors for the Automotive industry, including disruptive high current motors of above 100kW peak at 48v



extreme reality

Extreme Reality provides real time software-only, full body 3D motion capture technology, using a single standard 2D webcam. Using motion capture engine that extracts the 3D position of the user in front of the camera in every frame and creates a live 3D model of the user in real time. This model is then analyzed and gestures are extracted according to skeleton positioning and/or trajectories.



eyesight technologies

Eyesight Technologies is a world leader in creating intelligent sensing solutions that use edge-based computer vision and AI for safer and better driving experiences. Eyesight Technologies focuses on in-cabin sensing solutions, offering driver monitoring, driver identification and occupancy monitoring systems. The technology is offered to OEMs and Tier1 provider as an embedded solution to be integrated into new cars and as an aftermarket solution to be installed in existing vehicles by fleet/ telematic system providers.



eyesUp mobile

EyesUp has developed a lifesaving B2B solution to the ever increasing catastrophe of text-while-driving.



eyeways systems

EyeSpace 4D, Eyeways’ unique 4D Object-Based Scene Analysis technology is a novel method for understanding a scene, and for extracting high-precision, application specific information from it. This includes geometric (3D position, dimensions), temporal (changes, appearance and disappearance, trajectory), and classification (object type, motion type) information.



falcon hybrid solutions

Falcon Hybrid Solutions has developed an advance system of refurbishing and rebuilding hybrid batteries.




FanZone is a social platform for sports fans, optimizing their game journey experience in a fun, social and affordable way.




A motorcycle that runs on both conventional and alternatives fuels.



Bus information about the passengers in the next stop.


fishman thermo technologies

Fishman Thermo Technologies Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cooling system products for the automotive industry specializing in thermostats, inserts, wax elements, fuel caps, radiator caps and oil caps.




Fitch is the first fully autonomous drone for fishing.



flexpoint (IARD)

We offer radiometers and custom built electro-optical systems. Such as Multi-Channel fast Radiometers and related products, Radiometric measurement services, Development of custom Elecro-Optical systems, R&D services in the Electro-Optics and Remote-Sensing



flying production

Flying Production Ltd produces multi-rotor UAVs for the private-commercial, military, and defense industries. These airborne vehicles are VTOL and use electo-optics and infrared scanning. Flying Production oversees the entire lifecycle of its UAVs, from design to implementation. The UAVs, can conduct long-range missions of a 10km radius.




Flytrex has developed a cloud connected drone. Flytrex also develops live black boxes for multirotors and quadcopters.




Foresight (NASDAQ and TASE: FRSX), founded in July 2015, is a technology company engaged, in the design, development and commercialization of stereo/quad camera vision systems and V2X cellular-based solutions for the automotive industry. Foresight?s vision systems are based on 3D video analysis, advanced algorithms for image processing, and sensor fusion




Foretellix addresses the largest barrier to deployment of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) with the industry?sÿÿonly ?GigaScale? intelligent verification solution, enabling OEMs, Tier1s, developers,ÿregulators and consumers. Only Foretellix combines verification scalability with measurable quality.



forge ahead- drivetrain technologies

The Forge Ahead drive train protector provides full durability and endurance to drivetrains where its crucial and much needed: Off-Road 4X4, Trucks, Military, and other high performance vehicles.




Fractom is specializes in design, development and manufacturing of high-class antennas. Fractom designs and manufactures antennas in the range of 20 MHz – 14 GHz with all types of polarization and technological implementations.


Scoot sharing operator



Freexi is a cloud base technological platform that allows partners worldwide to establish virtual taxi stations in short time and supply outstanding, modern taxi services to their clients.



FSM ground services LTD

FSM set-up and operate the Bike Sharing System in Tel-Aviv since 2008 with over 3M rent, 180 Stations.




Fulltank allows you to receive cheapest fuel stations in a configurable distance from your location, and receive the closest fuel stations from your location.



G-nius (elbit)

unmanned ground systems for military and civil uses


galileo satellite navigation

GSN develops products for civil GNSS/GPS market. GSN technology can be adopted into mobile phones, handheld devices, vehicle information systems, telecommunications, meteorology, marine, location based security, timing devices and many more applications. GSN offers a software GPS solution that enables device manufacturers to add GPS to a range of products; and a GNSS high dynamics simulator for the most complicated research and engineering applications



galileo wheel

Galileo Wheel has developed tire technology. When the surface is rough and unstable, the tire rides flatter covering more surface, like a track, the solid belt tread under tractors, military vehicles, and the like.




Gasngo Ltd is a technology and service company offering the ultimate answer to fleet needs. Its comprehensive fleet control system allows fleet managers to view and control all fleet activity, transactions and maintenance online and in real-time.




Gauzy is a manufactures of glass. The products complement a full environment of LCG? (Liquid Crystal Glass) applications in a variety of glass related markets




GenCell has developed a clean, robust and reliable emergency power backup platform based on fuel cell technology and nano-technological processes. GenCell?s technology is based on nano-technological and chemical processes.



getbus transportation

With Get-Bus, broker between bus owner and bas seekers to book a ride in real-time.




Gett is a free app to order a taxi or black car wherever they are, directly from their smartphone.



gilat satellite networks

Gilat is a leading provider of products and services for satellite-based broadband communications. RaySat low-profiles antennas offer commercial transportation vehicles the ability to easily upgrade entertainment systems with live TV channels and even offer individual in-seat channels



GLR tech

GLR Tech is a produce alternative energy from the waste from internal combustion engines, such as from trucks, buses, heavy vehicles, heavy ships, etc.



gne global natural energy ltd

algae-tech company that utilizes unique commercial systems to grow algae for ?Green? fuel, human consumption, and animal feed




Good2Go, has developed a device to prevent drivers from using apps which distract them from driving.




GoTo Powers the Next Generation of Car Sharing.ÿ GoTo is the leading white label software that allows mobility operators to launch & operate multiple car sharing business models on a single platform



green city urban recycling



green ELMF cables LTD

Green ELMF Cables owns a patented reduced magnetic field cable. The cable does not contain any exotic materials or shielding , it does not require any modification to an existing production line. The company have developed and registered several patents like low EMF power cabinets , Cables which is immune to external magnetic field , welding cable with reduced magnetic field cable.



green ride

Green Ride is developing a personal mobility for urban daily commuters.




GreenOn is developing a mobile app that encourages people to use green transportation. GreenOn recognizes the way users travel and rewards for using “greener” and more economical transportation.




Our platform automatically collects real time data on the waste pickup process, allowing cities to monitor it at a single waste bin resolution. Pickup time, location, and weight data is collected providing a powerful set of analytics. Reports can be generated on demand and automatic alerts can be configured to allow proactive control over the waste pickup process.



greenRoad driving technologies

GreenRoad is a leader in driver performance and safety management for fleets and other organizations. The unique GreenRoad Driver Improvement Loop uses technology-based, personalized driver self-improvement to immediately transform driving culture and deliver the best drivers on the road.




An app that collects drivers locations and speeds, use big-data algorithms to calculate this recommended speed and announce it to the driver using auditory feedback.



We design race cars infused with adrenaline.



guardian optical technologies

We provide real time, comprehensive information about a vehicle?s occupant status relying on our advanced optical sensing technology. Our patented technology enables a safe and low cost solution for automotive companies to detect occupant status specifically in each seat using only one sensor.



H2 energy now

H2 Energy Now developed an innovative way of separating water through the use of radio waves that is more efficient and faster than competitors.




we design small, light weight, one passenger vehicle powered by hydrogen Fuel cell, with low pressure hydrogen tanks. we also Development of small, solar powered, hydrogen filling station. and Integration of the Hydrogen filling station inside the FCV.



Supplier of clean hydrogen energy, and provides electric power solutions for various applications.



plant specializing in the Development, Design and Production of buses for the Israeli transportation market.



hi tech solutions (HTS)

Hi-Tech Solutions is a global provider of image processing and intelligence solutions. our products serve as core technology enablers for automation of parking revenue and control systems, traffic management, as well as security, access control and other logistics systems



hopOn (adom intelligent transport)

HopOn is a mobile payment and ticketing platform for the public transport. HopOn developed a unique, low cost solution that can be integrated fast and easily to public transport operators.




A leader in image processing based solutions, delivering value added vehicle data for revenue control, automation and security applications. our products serve as core technology enablers for automation of parking revenue and control systems, traffic management, as well as for security, access control and other logistics systems.




integrated hybrid transmission




Smart wheel with removable motors and battery pack that makes maintenance and upgrade easy. Turn your bicycle into an e-bike.



hydroCAD-nahum goldberg

HydroCAD- is a Fluid Power Engineering Company. HydroCAD was was presented on 1987 and since then HydroCAD became a powerful tool for those activities in hydraulics that we never get paid. HydroCAD-Nahum Goldenberg Ltd is still a small company with sales worldwide .



I way mobile Ltd

Developed the Comodo Console, a telecommunications and content system consisting of dozens of services divided up into nine content worlds, specifically developed for the driver’s environment. includes an advanced Bluetooth hands-free kit, back camera, 3-D navigation software and a music player connected up to the car’s audio system.




A patent pending solution that increases driver safety while enhancing driving experience by turning the mobile phone from a distraction to a powerful driver assistant.




Taxiboat for airplanes



IBC coatings technologies inc.

IBC provides advanced surface treatment technologies for wear resistant and corrosion resistant applications. The company’s innovative surface treatments are based on low pressure plasma and thermo-chemical reactions.



idan computers

Idan Computers Ltd. is a well-established software company providing image analysis, computer-assisted design, and 3-D modeling tools.




Innocon Ltd. develops and manufactures UAVs ranging from micro-UAVs weighing a mere 6kg to 1000kg full size UAVs, equipped with the company’s proprietary command and control systems.



innoziv technologies

Innoviz is developing Smart 3D Sensing, Sensor Fusion and accurate Mapping and Localization, with High Definition Solid State LiDAR (HD-SSL). we will also provide key Autonomous Vehicles technologies that rely on our LiDAR such as Object Identification & Tracking, Sensor Fusion and Mapping & Localization products.




two wheelers




IonTerra is the clear leader in ?Real-time Raw Data and Sensor Fusion? essential for the driverless car revolution. IonTerra?s leading innovative and robust all-in-one real-time Computer Vision Analysis platform (rtCVITM) offers several layers of data analysis, monitoring, and fusion of sensors of autonomous driving using its deterministic proprietary technology, which is not using Deep Learning.




Texting and driving, as well as any other tasks that are not part of you drive, are causing distracted driving and can put your life at risk.




Intellicon develops an adaptive traffic signal control system based on smartphones and V2X communication, providing real-time and accurate operation of traffic signals with the ability to adjust to different situations on the road, while providing comprehensive traffic-data to drivers through a dedicated mobile navigation application.



interplate Ltd

Interplate Ltd. is an engineering company with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of metal coating process and surface finishing.



intuition robotics

Developing artificial intelligence and social robotics for high social impact




IPgallery? Smart Transportation solutions provide holistic service logic and exclusive dashboard offering unified views supporting daily operations and execution of expected as well as unexpected transportation events and activities efficiently




iRideShare is a website and mobile application that offers commuters the tools to connect in real-time for the purpose of saving money (and other resources) by sharing rides.



IRP systems

E-mobility – Fast forward Proven solution extends the vehicle performance, eliminating the trade-off between torque and speed. IRP design motor, controller and SW to provide optimized efficiency and driving range.ÿ



israeli industrial batteries

I.I.B is a Industrial Batteries producer.




Ituran offers mobile asset location, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, management & control services for vehicles, cargo and personal security, and radio frequency identification products for various purposes including automatic meter reading, electronic toll collection and homeland security applications.



izrazion ltd

IsraZion produce intermediate materials for rechargeable energy storage devices and a variety of other industries and appliactions where smart carbon based composites are required. The company offers a wide range of carbon based materials that include Carbon black (CB), Carbon Fibers (CF), Graphitic parts, sheets, powder and fibers and smart composites materials




JoiRyde allows for drivers (vehicle owners) to post their rides on our platform. and to potential passengers to enter their starting and final location, discovering rides that suit their needs.


jungo connectivity

Jungo Connectivity Ltd. focusing on the in-vehicle infotainment market. Jungo?s MediaCore, the high-performance multimedia and connectivity infotainment middleware, provides complete consumer device connectivity, media management, playback and content distribution.



just park it

Just Park It allows parking spot owners to rent their parking spot when not in use, by the hour (occasional basis) and locate a parking spot for the drivers that are looking for a legal parking spot.



kaiima agro-biotech ltd

Kaiima Agro-Biotech dramatically increases crop productivity by using its EPTM technology. High-Impact Food, and the Environment. EPTM is applied by multiplying the plant’s genome without damaging its DNA – it is rapid and its products are not transgenic




Karpoolz provides a unique solution to the time consuming carpooling activity, with a friendly user interface:



karz software technologies

Karz provides Smartphone App, which provides a well-documented effective and Visual Objective Feedback on driving behaviors.



Kenaf Green Industries / Kenaf Fibers Biocomposites

Develop knowledge & technology for Kenaf growing, processing as raw materials for industrial uses & applications




We have developed an intuitive “no need to look” smartphone usage experience, using touch (i.e. physical buttons) and voice activated interface.




KiloLambda is an industry leader in passive optical power control, with unique optical layer, based on its proprietary, patented nano-technology. This layer is used in industrial, defense and commercial optical systems.




developed a POC of a low-cost, passive radar based on GNSS (GPS) technology. This passive radar provides a front collision warning as well as side collision warning between your vehicle (CarMotorcycle) and other vehicles in the crossroad.




mobile app for the shared taxis, based on localisation system


kooper international Ltd

New type of e-scooter



laor energy (1993)ltd

The company design, manufacturing, installation and service of integrated electrical power conversion and back-up systems,



lidror BioPark

BioPark parking solution, which stops forgery and abuse of disabled parking permits, based on a fingerprint identification.




MAG-EH Ltd is a world class supplier of integrative mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies for the automotive industry.



magna BSP

Magna developed system based on 3D cameras and sophisticated algorithm with the abilities to distinction between people and animals, pre-alerts by suspicious movements, an automatically learning system, high filtering ability and more.



make my day

Make My Day is a location-based app determines the optimal route for multiple errands, based on businesses’ distance from the user and each other, queue length, working hours, parking, and traffic.




Maradin Ltd. provides innovative MEMS laser scanning mirrors and controllers for a wide range of applications, including pico-projectors, automotive heads up display (HUD), medical devices, industrial devices, defense instruments and more.




Maris designs and manufactures high-end digital Video & Audio HW & SW solutions



mayotex philcar

manufacturing armor kits & advanced technologic solutions for special task vehicles.




The company manufactures and assembles battery packs, fast battery chargers and power systems for a variety of applications, including electric bicycles



mer group

Transportation solutions include traffic management, automated parking and driving rule enforcement, and intelligent control centers for public transportation.




Merkavim is the largest bus manufacturing company in Israel.They produce many different types of buses, including electric buses




Mobile computing platforms, designed for integration into fleet management and mobile workforce management solutions. Such solutions facilitate mobile workforce productivity, enable corporate efficiency, and enhance customer service.




MobiCar provides a multi user content messenger based on the plate number. That way each driver can connect directly to another driver on the road and beyond. The content can be text, images and recorded voice.




Mobileye is a technological leader in the area of software algorithms, system-on-chips and customer applications that are based on processing visual information for the market of driver assistance systems (DAS). Mobileye revolutionize the driving experience by enabling autonomous driving.



mobility insight

Mobi will analyze data, predict traffic and provide Transportation Management Entities and end-users with solutions to optimize real-time and future mobility.




MobiWize specializes in on-board data mining and intelligence infrastructure of vehicle-driver-road systems. uses data from vehicle computers, sensor technologies and digital maps in combination with sophisticated data mining and signal processing algorithms that cross-reference different information sources and create new ?Virtual Sensors? offering intelligence with unmatched data accuracy.




MoniDriver is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice.With the build-in voice assistant you can play music,provide information, news, traffic, weather, and more.All you have to do is ask Moni. MoniDriver is an open platform for connecting cars and also compatibility with IoT services and devices. Instantly upgrade any car and making it more efficient, safer and fun.



pre-planed on demand car sharing




Moovit is a real time app with everything you need to ride public transit smarter. By combining transport data with live inputs from the crowd, Moovit gives commuters a complete real-time snapshot of what their trip will be like and suggests the fastest, most comfortable routes.



moving life

Moving Life has developed a revolutionary mobility scooter for the handicapped and elderly in need of mobility assistance. The mobility scooter offers its user complete mobility and can be folded within seconds to the size of a trolley suitcase.




MyRoute a proprietary multiple steps œplan ahead  algorithm which has proved to result in a significant reduction of cost and time in the delivery/service markets in thousands of real life conditions.



nanergy fuel cells ltd

Nanergy Fuel Cells operate with a family of hydrogen-rich water-based fuel materials, providing the basis for low-cost and efficient operation of fuel cells and avoiding the logistics and safety issues of high pressure hydrogen tanks. with Nanergy technology release the hydrogen from the fuel at the generation of electricity. Nanergy electrodes interact directly with the liquid fuel ? hence there is no need for reformers, nor heating for its operation.




Off road navigation for bike



nazereth car industries

develppng and building autonomic vehicles



neo composite

Neo Composite develops and produces innovative composite materials, products and turnkey, custom-engineered solutionsÿ for cargo mobility by land or sea.

newC02fuels ltd

NewCO2fuels (NCF) is developing a solar-driven system that dissociates CO2 and converts it at high efficiencies into competitive cost fuel. The core technology is a solar energy driven, high temperature CO2 and water dissociation which produces synthetic gas, from which different synthetic fuels can be produced. The company’s product uses a proprietary technology, generating liquid fuels or electricity, by using solar energy and CO2 emissions and water as feedstock



nooly micro weather

Nooly presents a patented solution that offers a number of features that enable GPS navigation providers to use minute-by-minute accurate weather conditions when providing service, subsequently with improved user value and increased safety




NrgStorEdge Ltd is a start-up, based on patented Energy Storage Technology for safe and inexpensive use in Zero-emission Hydrogen-powered vehicles.



oddo (la'zooz)

Transportation Platform that is owned by the community




OfficeCore provides location based software solutions for managing and tracking mobile employees and fleet. The application OfficeTrack performs cellular and GPS based tracking and location of mobile handsets and vehicle units.




Olivebar is a biomass fuel company focusing on development of energy products from high grade biomass. It processes olive pomace, grape pomace and a variety of types of wood and grass. It uses only organic materials in its production process, originating from agriculture waste and residues from the food production industry. It utilizes a meager amount of energy achieving minimal carbon footprint in its products and in its production process



one way

The project is a social network to create groups for driving which is running in the application or through a page that works through Facebook where people can offer travels



Infrared imaging systems and advanced vision and surveillance solutions.




Optibus? technology help public transit operators to optimize fleets and crew




OriginGPS is a world leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of miniaturized GNSS modules, antenna modules and antenna solutions. OriginGPS introduces unparalleled sensitivity and noise immunity by incorporating its proprietary Noise Free Zone technology for faster position fix and navigation stability even under challenging satellite signal conditions.




provider of smart mobile parking solutions both for on-street and off-street parking, and interactive parking information.




We provide auction-based system for off-street parking spots, that enables parking managers to increase their revenue by increasing the demand for parking spots.




ParkGenie provides a parking space reservation and custody (spot blocking) solution. Using mobile application for parking reservation, a central server for management and billing.



ParkLife Provides a solution for building dynamic navigation path that will streamline your search and bring parking closest to the driver’s destination at the lowest price.




Parko is developing a crowdsourced solution for parking, providing comprehensive parking availability information for any area, at any hour of the day.




Parx provides parking payment solutions to municipalities and parking operators across the world.



payton planar

Payton Planar Magnetics is the global leader of Planar Technology and Power solutions. Payton offers a wide range of custom-designed products that meet all the requirements and standards of communication, industrial, military, medical, automotive and aerospace applications




Percepto’s computer vision algorithms enable UAVs to be much more responsive and accurate, while providing smooth and clean footage, even from close range or at high speeds.




aluminum air batteiries




PickPack is a crowd based technology that allows same-day local and intercity deliveries. PickPack’s platform is implemented by an advanced algorithm that optimizes deliveries in real-time: more deliveries in less time and resources.




PickUP is a mobile app that allows you to travel both inter-city using mini-buses and inside the city using electric micro cars.


pink park

Pink Park has developed an innovative tool for motorists seeking parking in the city and parking spot owners looking to rent their parking space




Pixtier is a platform providing professional 3D map processing software for any drone. Our SaaS solution allows you to produce high quality 3D maps from simple aerial photographs automatically.




We are developing novel paradigms (algorithms) aimed in pedestrian navigation. They will be implemented in client-server software architecture, and integrated in location based devices people use, such as smart-watch/phone.



po celltech (former elbit energy)

Developed advanced power packs including fuel cells and super capacitors



pointer telocation

SaaS technology for the Fleet, Automotive, Insurance, Cargo and Public Safety industries.




Powermat Technologies is focused on the wireless power industry. It’s ?smart? technology, sensing when a device is fully charged, we continue to develop new solutions for truly wireless charging.




PowerSines solutions utilize patented voltage optimization, regulation and control technologies in order to deliver the RIGHTvoltage technology to the market. This technology allows electrical savings and CO2 reduction for all commercial applications, as well as in outdoor and indoor commercial lighting, and industrial motor applications



powerUp toys

PowerUp Toys lets consumers of all ages expand their sense of play and experimentation by adding power to familiar paper airplanes. PowerUp Toys brings homemade paper toys into the future by adding next generation mobile controls, propulsion and tools to take imagination to new heights. Experience the joy of making your ideas take flight in just a few minutes!




Powhere is developing a software solution for smarter electric vehicle charging. Our SaaS platform collects and analyzes real-time data from multiple sources and uses machine learning algorithms to optimize EV charging for private car owners, fleet managers and shared mobility operators, while at the same time generating more revenues to Charge Point Operators



primus green energy

Primus Green Energy is focused on the development of alternative drop-in fuels from readily available domestic resources such as natural gas and biomass. Primus? proprietary technology produces gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and aromatic chemicals that are cost-competitive with petroleum-based products without subsidies. Primus? fuels require no engine modifications or changes to the fuel delivery infrastructure




Quicargo is a mobile-based platform, offering a user-friendly application, which connects carriers who have unused loading space to shippers who need immediate transportation of their goods.




Instead of taking up a parking space with your unused vehicle, rent it out and get paid!


rePark social parking

RePark is an application-based service that connects parking seekers with parking space owners. The service has a control and supervision system which at any given moment checks the number of available parking spaces, directs the drivers to them in real-time and enables you to rent out your parking space safely



ride amigos corp

RideAmigos providing regional commuter networks, multi-modal travel dashboards, certified transportation commute surveys, trip trackers, reward systems, and GIS reporting tools



rider App

Rider App is an innovative taxi app built with state of the art technology, allowing you to book a taxi that arrives faster than any other app.




App for social public usage, which count all ingoing and outgoing passengers on every bus or train stop in oeder to give the transportation company pic of actual uses of ongoing busses.


ronGo biofuels

The company develops a roubst microbial-based platform for 2nd generation bio-ethanol production


roseman engineering Ltd

Roseman Fueling Simplicity, designs and manufactures computerized refueling and Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) systems. The company is focused on providing complete solutions for automatic refueling and operational data collection for vehicle fleets.



rosetta green ltd

Rosetta Green develops improved plant traits for the agriculture and biofuel industries, using unique genes called microRNAs. The company specializes in the identification and use of these unique genes that function as “main bio-switches” to control key processes in major crops such as corn, wheat, rice, soybean, cotton, canola and algae. Combining computational biology, molecular biology, plant tissue culture, plant transformation and high throughput trait screening, we identify the most promising microRNAs that could potentially be used to improve key plant traits in major crops



safe green

A traffic management system for producing a personal instruction to each of the drivers



Same-Way is a new system and application for ride-sharing, freight-sharing and fleet management which will provide real-time, location based transportation and freight sharing opportunities, and fleet management capabilities



sane park

marketpalce for private car parking spaces using in real-time when a parking space is empty without requiring any device installation in or near the empty space.



Seambiotic focuses on growing and processing marine microalgae using an innovative ecologically based, environmental system. This process can produce biofuel by channeling smokestack carbon dioxide emissions through pools of algae that clean it. The growing algae thrives on the added nutrients, and become a useful biofuel. Another feature of this process is the production of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) EPA and DHA from the microalgae. The PUFA such as EPA and DHA, together with other fatty acids constitute a group called omega-3, which is a nutritional supplement




Sensilize offers Spatial Decision Support System for agriculture, based on imagery. The solution is based on an autonomous light UAS, outfitted with Sensilize ?s Robin ? . The data are processed using Sensilize cloud-based, rapid turnaround expert interpretation services.




Shabus based on community od passangers, providing accessible and reliable transport solutions in cases of luck of proper public transportation . we aggregating the transportational needs, we constantly improve our cooperative solutions.




Shareroute provides an app for ordering shared taxis, in real time or in advance, on a personally optimized route.




By creating shared transportation management software we can bring lowcost prices to the custmer by 30% – 50 % from the market price and Increasing operational efficiency to the service provider by 15 %.


sky sapience

Sky Sapience offers innovative hovering masts that enable 360 degrees surveillance 24/7. Sky Sapience was established to fulfill the increasing need for compact, stabilized, hovering platforms that have the ability to host a variety of large payloads.



skyfall technologies

Skyfall Technologies offers an aerial display system for presenting digital information and images mid-air. When billboards and blimps are not enough, we reach further in terms of stunning, attention-demanding size and compatibility. Our system, allows our clients to display holograms anywhere, while producing images as big as a building. The resulting system, dubbed Fairy Lights, is qujite magical to spectators.




SkySurf drones provide features such as: Backpack storage (super easy assembly) Waterproof to withstand waves; Hours of surfing; Tracking via combined image processing and wristwatch tracking; Mobile app for use on friends or by photographers; Real-time live HD streaming and broadcast



Skyx artificial intelligence, machine learning technology enables 3D pathfinding and coverage in complex terrain with dynamic obstacles. This translates to autonomous flight plans Skyx targets agriculture spraying and develops innovative technological solutions, enabling autonomous flight at extremely low altitude.



smart bus

SmartBus platform is Web and Mobile oriented, aimed at reserving buses and minibuses for efficient and smart transport for events, travel, conferences etc. The website is sending your offer in real time to the drivers that are listed on the site. The Smartbus Algorithm enables the drivers to schedule and track more efficiently to reach maximal saving for you



smart city simulator

Our system will be used by project companies and city municipalities in order to examine the worth of executing a smart city project. Our navigation core will navigate drivers with no clustering and will be used by current projects and future projects.


sol chip

Sol Chip develops, sells and licenses a cost-effective, compact Solar Battery technology that integrates solar energy sources to power wireless sensors and mobile electronics devices, eliminate the need in a battery as a power source in low power applications. Sol Chip?s technology designated to enable wireless sensors



space seat

Space-Seat is a mobile app that provides a solution for smart distribution of passengers in public transportation carriages (trains, trams or buses), thus improving both the commuter’s experience and the service provider’s efficiency. The solution includes real time monitoring of occupancy within each carriage, while delivering the data to the passenger through the application in order to provide a more comfortable and pleasant journey.




Spaceek is developing a mobile application which uses wireless Micro Parking Sensors to monitor and gather real-time data of parking space occupancy. Spaceek utilizes a design which removes the need for a costly network infrastructure and enables accurate micro positioning.




Spetrotec specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (AVL) and automobile security systems.



sPark parking technologies

Polly will find you that big city parking spot. Whether on the street or in a parking lot, it will always save you time, money and unnecessary frustration. When Polly?s app is on, parking dreams come true.



starcom systems

Starcom Systems specializing in automated systems for remote tracking, monitoring and management of fleets of vehicles. The company provides complete solutions for real-time GPS fleet management and vehicle security applications, personal tracking, merchandise tracking, containers tracking and management and an online application.




Steadicopter provides mobile observation systems. Each system includes a ground control system (GCS), a flight control computer, a mission computer, an integrated communication system, and payload sub-systems. The flight control computer is developed by Steadicopter and stands to the ADS33 standard. At Steadicopter we design, build the crafts and develop the systems. Steadicopter’s rotorcrafts are fully autonomous (Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), hovering and all flight aspectsare controlled by the flight computer.



step hear Ltd

Step-Hear Ltd develops and markets innovative assistive technologies for equal accessibility for everyone. Its technologies include sensors and alert systems in public areas and at business locations that streamline assistance for the visually-impaired as well as people with strollers or using wheelchairs.




StoreDot Ltd. is a battery and materials innovation leader, developing groundbreaking technologies based on a unique methodology for the design and synthesis of both organic and inorganic compounds.ÿDesigned to replace known technologies with enhanced electro-chemical properties, StoreDot’s proprietary technology is optimized for various ultra-fast charging battery applications.ÿTogether with its investors and partners, StoreDot is aimed at positively disrupting multiple markets, mainly in the electric vehicles and consumer electronics space




An e-hailing system that integrates into your current dispatch algorithms, analyze supply and demand and optimize the drivers’ decisions making process while increasing their profits. On the fleet level, it will increase efficiency and reduce average customer waiting time by bringing drivers closer to customers at any moment.




Synairgy provides automated air traffic management technology. Its systems integrate and synthesize the information received from multiple aircrafts.



tadiran batteries

The world’s longest lasting, highest energy cell is Tadiran, the ONLY battery PROVEN to last up to 40 years.



tamuz electronics

The company offers a wide range of battery technologies such as Li-FePO4, Li-Poly, Li-Ion, Ni-MH, SLA, Primary technologies, new and special battery technologies. The battery packs are designed with protection components, PCM/BMS, indicators, converters, semi-smart and SMBus communication modules



taxi ride sharing

Fleets with 7-10 passenger vehicles operating dynamic routes are the future of transit. Get started now with our routing software!
Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services are the most effective form of public transport, combining the low operational costs of buses and the dynamic, on demand, routing of taxis. We provide the technology apps with your company name and logo, and cloud based server side software while you own and operate the service, in your local area, under your own brand name




sharing taxies




Terragenic offers a fuel cell based power generation and energy storage by a safe and cost effective hydrogen on-demand solution. Using hydrogen-rich liquid fuel operated in ambient pressure, and low cost catalyst, active and resilient catalyst for hydrogen extraction from hydrogen-rich liquid fuel. in addition innovative, cost effective synthesis, reloading the exhausted fuel with hydrogen



terrascan labs

Terrascan Labs Ltd delivers aerial mapping services. The company develops UAVs and their equipped mapping technology, which capture oblique and stereoscopic photographs.



third eye systems

Third Eye product allows the handler to operate the drone (via a Bluetooth, WIFI, I2C, UART or SPI Communication) with a pre-defined route and look for suspicious objects.



track tech

TrackTec develop range of tracking and driver diagnostic solutions, fleet management applications and flexible AVL configurability combine to create the most complete and comprehensive presentation




Provider of web-based MRM (Mobile Resources Management) fleet-management that provide significant fuel savings, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) improvement and improve aggressive driver behavior and safety events. Traffilog’s solutions are based on proprietary technology that combines vehicle and driver diagnostics, providing drivers and fleet managers with personalized real-time alerts and periodic reports that ultimately improve driving behavior and vehicle mechanical maintenance




Traffix is system that manages and schedules vehicles relative the traffic lights In harmony


transAlage ltd

TransAlgae develops and cultivates a variety of enhanced algae possessing high value products for the growing animal health markets. The company’s innovative (patent pending) technology platform harnesses algae as cell factories for the production of customized or off-the-shelf bio-molecules. The platform enables the development of dried algae, engineered to contain enzymes, active molecules, vaccines or other proteins to be orally delivered to target organisms




TransBiodiesel develops biocatalyst substitutes to replace chemical catalysts, presently used for production of biodiesel fuels. The company has developed and patented a new immobilized enzyme biocatalyst which is more energy efficient, cheaper & greener than the conventional chemical catalyst presently used in the production of biodiesel fuel.


Website LTD

A system that enables the passenger to replace the use of his private car



Aspiration for a safe, efficient, equal, clean and quiet transportation


transSpot is a of advanced advertising and content solutions for stationary and mobile digital signage. transSpot focus advanced advertising solution that automates the sales, content distribution, bidding and billing processes involved in advertising in digital signage.




Traxx bring the Internet of Things to the motorcycle world. With a compact, robust, water-proof tracking device, am easy-to-use iOS/android app and a global service




TreGo transforms any bicycle into a multi-purpose tricycle, simply by replacing the front wheel. TreGo can have different add-ons like a rucksack, childseat, racks, boxes, cases, lights and so on. TreGo can have electric assistants, and convert regular bicycles into electric tricycles.




trendIT?s platform is a unique, innovative analytics solution designed to accurately measure and determine demographic trends.


How Google Trends Data Benefits Bloggers


TripSeeker, is about finding out how’s on your way using background data.



Our technology use historical and current data to predict traffic patterns.


BioPetrol has developed a patented process for producing usable synthetic crude oil from sewage sludge and other biomass feedstock. The company is developing a process that synthesizes two different systems, resulting in a higher production of fuel oil. The end result is the on-site reduction of dry sludge volume from 100% to 5%. BioPetrol will give wastewater treatment plants (WTP) an environmentally sound and cost-effective sludge conversion system.




TruckerSam was created to provide social community platform with advanced communication tools for the truck driver.



trucknet enterprise

TruckNet is a cloud based system for sharing empty space on any form of professional transportation, to optimize financial income and environmental impact. Optimizing cargo and transportation will limit carbon impact and accidents.


range extander for electrical vehicle based on micro turbine generator



UAS technologies

, develops, integrates and markets unmanned aerial systems and subsystems in the Defense and General Aviation segments.

unitronics Ltd

Unitronics is a global manufacture of industrial automation products, mainly PLCs (programmable logic controllers ? hereinafter “PLCs”) serve management, control and automatic operation of electromechanical processes, machines, production lines and other automated applications in many industries.



uniVerve ltd

The company has developed a complete, stable and sustainable process for providing profitable microalgae-biomass as feedstock for biofuel, food and feed



USMART project

USMART project envisages developing a suit of novel smart mobility services (iServices) based on mobile technology, that will support city residents and visitors to reach their final destination in the most efficient and suitable way using public and private transportation means.

uvision air

Developed light-weight, low-heat unmanned aircraft carry munitions for battle scenarios. Once the UAV locked on a target, they loiter in the air and can active their weaponry at any strategic moment.




Valens, a fabless semiconductor company, enables the distribution of multimedia content in the high growth HD home entertainment market through HDBaseT(TM) technology. Valens’ HDBaseT technology is a new digital connectivity enabling simplified long-reach wired connectivity and simultaneous distribution of uncompressed video, audio, power and Internet via a single LAN cable.




Valerann developing smart road solutions to identify and alert on potential hazards, traffic jams and much more.




vHive’s cloud-based software infrastructure enables the intelligent mission automation of UAV fleets commercial applications. vHive makes organizations better informed by enabling their use of UAV fleets for remote sensing, data acquisition and data management, while taking into account safety and other dynamic mission constraints.




Via’s revolutionary technology allows passengers to seamlessly share their ride — it’s on-demand transportation on a mass scale



visionmap LTD

VisionMap is a leading provider of digital automatic aerial survey and mapping systems. Their innovative data acquisition and data processing system optimizes mapping work and creates new opportunities.



visual process

Visual Process is leveraging on the wealth of data available through the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to surface early operation abnormalities that may relate to cyber, maintenance or other causes, and allow the transportation operator take corrective action long before an actual catastrophe takes place.




VoltaNano has developed carbon nano technology solution specifically targeted at the lead acid battery industry. VoltaNano is a Business Unit of Vulcan, Volta Automotive Industries Ltd, Israel?s car battery manufacturer and distributor.




Combining several learning algorithms and real time data, we are able to predict the time and location of road accidents without requiring the customer to install expensive sensors and to generate a preliminary alert up to 30 minutes before the accident occurs.



waze (google)

Waze is a community-based traffic & navigation app.



wonderVoice technologies Ltd

WonderVoice is a true touchless voice assistant that helps you to interact with your favourite apps when you need them



yamar electronics

Yamar Electronics specializes in communication over noisy AC and DC battery power lines by utilizing advanced digital communication techniques in its semiconductor devices. The DC-BUS technology enables the transfer of both power and data over a single line, allowing its customers to reduce wiring cost and weight




ParaZero specializes in the development and manufacturing of innovative ballistic parachute systems for UAVs, manned, fixed wing, rotorcraft, multi-rotor, ducted fan aircraft, etc. The company’s unique technology enables parachute deployment in fractions of a second using customized pyrotechnic devices that actively deploy the parachute to its full formation.




The urban navigation app, helps users make conscios transportation chices based on their preferences.